When and where does the event take place?

The Las Vegas World Amateur will be held February 25 -March 1, 2018 at the Las Vegas Paiute Resort.

What is the last day I am allowed to register to participate for 2018?

Entries close on February 13, 2018 at 5:00 PM PST.

What is included in the golf tournament entry fee?

Three rounds of golf (cart included) on three different golf courses, matched handicap flights in each division, Welcome Reception party ticket, Awards Dinner party ticket, complimentary hors d’oeuvres at the daily Score Central gatherings, tee gift package at registration, and daily prize drawings. Guests may purchase a ticket for the Welcome Reception or Awards Dinner for an additional fee.

Can I sign-up for the amateur golf championship over the phone?

If you would like to sign up over the phone, please call the tournament staff at 702.493-7468. Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST.


Where do I get directions to Las Vegas Paiute Resort?

What golf courses will I be playing?

Each participant will be placed in a flight, and each flight of participants will play up to three different courses (assuming you make it to the championship round).  Each person will be notified approximately one week before the start of the tournament, to find out which courses he or she will be playing.

Do the golf courses provide food and beverage?

The golf courses have food service available for purchase before or after the round in the clubhouse. Beverages may be purchased on the course by the participants but are not provided by the tournament.

Are there practice rates at World Am golf courses?

All of the golf courses are providing you with practice round rates. If you would like to book a practice round at one of the Las Vegas World Amateur courses please call them directly and you MUST MENTION you are a participant in the LAS VEGAS WORLD AMATEUR.
Snow Mountain course
Sun Mountain course
Wolf course


What is the minimum or maximum golf handicap index allowed?

There is no minimum index however the maximum index allowed to participate is a 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women.

All competitors in the Las Vegas World Amateur shall have Course Handicaps calculated using their 12-month low Handicap Index (March 1, 2016 to February 1, 2017). All players (not on GHIN) should bring with them a copy of their last 20 scores and index history to the tournament in case the Tournament Committee has any questions.

When are handicaps due?

Any player who has a USGA Handicap Index calculated by GHIN should include their GHIN number in the entry. All competitors in the Las Vegas World Amateur shall have Course Handicaps calculated using their 12-month low Handicap Index (February 1, 2016 to February 1, 2017). All players (not on GHIN) should bring with them a copy of their last 20 scores & index history to the tournament in case the Tournament Committee has any questions.

Will there be handicap performance adjustments?

The Las Vegas World Amateur Tournament Committee reserves the right to adjust the Course Handicap of any competitor during the Las Vegas Wold Amateur Tournament.

1) During the course of tournament play, after every round, players that shoot a score with a negative differential will be subject to additional review by the Las Vegas World Amateur Tournament Committee. Players who have a single round score with a net differential in excess of 125:1 odds as per Appendix E: Exceptional Score Probability Table of the USGA Handicap System Manuel, shall have their course handicap (and therefore Net Differential) adjusted to a level that falls below 125:1 odds.

2) Should a player have a second consecutive round score with a negative differential, that a second adjustment, applied to ALL prior tournament rounds shall be made so that the adjustment falls below the 125:1 threshold and/or shall be subject to disqualification.

What online golf handicap systems does the World Am accept?

The World Am will accept any USGA Handicap Index issued by a licensed club authorized by a state/regional golf association, a provincial golf association or an official golf federation.

What is required to enter the Las Vegas World Am?

Each player must have amateur status and have an active USGA Handicap Index (or something equivalent to that for international players). If you are using an online handicap service be sure to contact the Handicap Committee to be certain the online club is licensed to issue a USGA Handicap Index.


What is the format?

Participants will compete within their pre-assigned flights in a 54-hole, individual net stroke play competition. One completed round will constitute a tournament. Play will be governed by USGA rules, any local course rules and the Hard Card.

Are there awards?

Yes! The top individuals within each flight will receive awards. In addition, the top players in each flight advance to an 18-Hole “Flight Winners Playoff” to compete against one another (with handicap) to determine the Las Vegas World Amateur Champion. All ties for determining competitors in the Championship Round, will be broken with a scorecard tie-break to determine who advances.

Are caddies allowed?

Caddies are allowed, but they have to walk the event. No extra carts will be available to them and they can not ride on the back of any carts.
We ask that all players ride for the event based on our course selection and pace of play.



Where is Score Central located?

Score Central will be located in the clubhouse of the courses you are playing on Monday and Tuesday immediately following the round inside the Las Vegas Paiute Resort Clubhouse.  Enter the clubhouse upon completion of play for a light snack, cool beverage and to compare scores with new and old friends.  There will be prizes give away each afternoon and you will receive the results of your flight once all scores have been posted.

Are drinks included in our entry?

Non-alcoholic beverages are included.  A bar will be available to purchase alcoholic beverages in the clubhouse.

What is available at Score Central?

Score Central is a place to gather after golf, enjoy a light snack and drink, share stories of the day’s round with your friends and win daily prize drawings. The scores from each flight will be available for review to see where you stand within your flight. There are always surprises at Score Central and you never know who may show up. This is the place to be after golf each day!

How do I register my guest?

You may register your guest by calling the tournament office at 702-493-7468.

Are we allowed to bring a guest?

Guests are welcome to attend the Welcome Reception and Awards Dinner for an additional fee. You may order additional guest pass(es) for the Awards Dinner and the Welcome Reception. You may order the guest passes by calling into the tournament office at 702-493-7468 or purchasing on-line.

May I bring my kids?

The whole family is welcome at Scoring Central!! Any child under the age of 21 may attend Score Central as your guest. Please notify the tournament staff if you will be bringing your child to Score Central in advance.


When is registration and where is it located?

Player registration will be held on Sunday, February 25th at Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort from 11 am till 3 pm.
Players that do not make registration due to practice rounds can pick up their registration items to the Welcome Reception at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort.

What distances can I expect to play from in the 2018 Las Vegas World Am?

DistancesFlight Yardage  (Yardages May Be Adjusted)

Men 6,100 – 6,600

Senior 5,800 – 6,300

Super Senior 5,400 – 6,000

Legends 5,200 – 5,600

Women 4,600 – 5,400

What are the dates of the 2018 Las Vegas World Amateur Handicap Championship?

The three-round tournament will take place Monday, February 26th through Wednesday, February 28th. If you have won or placed in the top positions of your flight you play Thursday, March 1st in the championship round.

What is the format of the Las Vegas World Amateur golf event?

Net stroke tournament play.

What are the transportation/parking details for the event?

Each participant is responsible for providing their own transportation to the golf courses.


How can I find people from my area that may be playing?

To see a list of this year’s current participants, please visit the Current Participants page.

Are there any pre/post golf tournaments?

Sunday, February 25th there is a special event at Paiute Golf Resort. Details coming soon.

Who gets to play on Thursday?

The top finishers in each flight will play in the Las Vegas World Amateur Championship round on Thursday. These winners will have a brief informational meeting immediately following the Awards Dinner on Wednesday evening.

What are the various age/gender divisions?

The tournament field will consist of five divisions – Men (49 and under), Senior Men (50-59), Super Senior Men (60-69), Legends Men (70 and above), and Women. Within each division, players are placed in flights based upon their incoming handicap index.

If I have a birthday prior to the golf tournament that would move me into a different division, what should I put my age as on my entry form?

The age to be entered on the entry form is the age the participant will be at the start of the tournament. (i.e. I am 59 right now when I am filling out the form, but I will turn 60 on January 20th (before the start of the tournament) therefore I should fill in 60 for age and will be placed in the Mid-Senior Men division (ages 60-69).

How are participants flighted?

Flights are broken down first by gender, then by age and then by handicap index. Each flight will have no more than 48 people.

Can I play the golf tournament with a friend?

You may request to play in the same flight as a friend, but both people will have to play down to the lower age group and lower handicap bracket. For example: If a 65 year old man with a 12 handicap wants to play with his 42 year old son who has a 7.5 handicap, both men would have to play in the 49 and under age group and in the flight that a 7.5 would play. The participant playing down into a lower flight will be able to play at the highest handicap within that flight (If the range was 5-8.9 than he would play at the 8.9 with his son staying at the 7.5). Requesting to be in the same flight as a friend DOES NOT mean you will be placed in the same group.
The tournament committee requires all Play Together requests to be made on the Handicap Submission Form that is to be completed in January. No Play Together requests will be accepted after February 1, 2018 at 5:00 PM PST. No changes will be made to a player’s flight once the course assignments are announced.

What are the tournament rules?

The Las Vegas World Amateur follows the Rules of Golf as prescribed by the United States Golf Association. Specific local rules will be provided at check in at each course you are assigned to play. Specific rules questions may be asked at the courses, and each afternoon there are Rules Officials at Score Central to help in assisting with any further rules questions not already answered.

How do we find out if we have won prizes? What prizes will be available?

Daily Prize winners will be announced at Score Central.  Additional random drawing prizes will be announced at the Awards Dinner on Wednesday evening.  You must be present to win the random drawing prizes at Score Central and the Awards Dinner on Wednesday evening.

Do we have to be at the awards dinner to win?

Participants do need to be in attendance to win the drawing prizes. If your name is announced for a drawing prize and you do not claim the prize another participants name will be drawn to give the prize away. Participants do not need to be present to claim their flight prizes from the competition.

What is the Policy for Inclement Weather?

Bad weather is not of itself a good reason for discontinuing play. However, a player may discontinue play if he/she believes there is danger from lightening.
In the event of inclement weather, please report to your assigned course. The delaying or cancellation of a round will be determined by the host facility. In the event of a round cancellation, the standings of the flights affected will be decided using the completed tournament rounds. One completed tournament round will constitute a tournament. No refunds will be made if the tournament is canceled or shortened due to weather, nature or act of God. You are welcome to call your host golf facility for an update using the phone number provided on the golf course directions/area map.

What is the cancellation policy?

The Las Vegas World Amateur will refund any participant that cancels between their date of entry and January 16, 2018 minus a $50 cancellation fee. Any cancellation received after January 16, 2018 and before the close of registration on February 13, 2018 will be refunded their entry fee minus a $125 cancellation fee. Cancellations received after the close of registration on February 13th will not be refunded any of their entry fee. Any cancellations must be in writing and sent to the Tournament staff either by email or by direct mail. Emails may be sent to oconorgolf@aol.com and written cancellations may be sent to Las Vegas World Amateur Refunds c/o O’Connor Golf, 920 Rock View Dr. Suite 202, Las Vegas, NV 89128. Telephone cancellations will not be accepted.

What happens in the event of a tie?

Ties will be broken for competitors tied for First Place through 4th Place within each flight. If two or more players are tied for First Place at the completion of all completed tournament rounds, all such players advance to the “Flight Winners Playoff Round” which will also act as an 18-hole playoff. The lowest 18-hole net score wins the playoff. If a tie still exists for First Place, the back nine net scores from the playoff will be used and then the front nine net scores if necessary. If a tie still exists, the last completed tournament round will be used, and so on until the tie for First Place is broken.

Are range finders allowed?

The Las Vegas World Amateur does allow range finders, but they must be USGA approved. Any device that is used may only have the function of measuring distance, even if the device has other options that can be turned off, it is not permitted. Any device measuring slope or wind is not allowed. GPS apps on cell phones are not allowed.

What are the rules on other electronic devices?

As a condition of this tournament, the use of cellular phones, noise making pagers, radios, speakers, iPods, and any other similar electronic noise making devices will be prohibited during tournament play. ANY VIOLATIONS OF THIS PROVISION ARE SUBJECT TO DISQUALIFICATIONS. Clarifications and special requests regarding this condition should be directed to the committee in charge of the competition.


Is transportation provided to the local golf courses?

You are responsible for your own transportation to the golf course.

Can I find my scores from prior Las Vegas World Amateur golf tournaments on the website?

Prior scores are available to view on the website. Please visit the  RESULTS tab to see your past scores. Live scoring will be available on the internet including hole-by-hole scoring information for each and every flight during the 2018 tournament.

How far apart are the golf courses?

The courses that will be played during the Las Vegas World Am are located in the northwest part of the city. If your hotel accommodations are located on the Las Vegas Strip or Downtown participants should estimate 30 to 40 minutes travel time to arrive at each golf course.

What can my family/guest do while I golf?

Las Vegas has so many different activities to offer for any age, from roller coasters, museums, Hoover Dam and even the Grand Canyon as well as wonderful restaurants, thousands of shops, some of the greatest live shows and so much more. Please visit our Fabulous Las Vegas page for information on area attractions and tours that are available during the Las Vegas World Am for visitors.

Which hotels offer discounts?

For more information on hotel discounts please visit our Where To Stay tab under the Las Vegas page.